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an economic resource. In Inner Mongolia, on the way to Hohhot, you will pass a place which calls itself the "Pota▓to Capital of China". It is a sign y▓ou

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may easily miss, and the unfamiliar Mongolian name may soon fade from memory -▓ until your next meal. Potatoes play a▓ huge role in Mongolian cuisine, and o

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ot healthier than greasy fries or chips▓. My husband remembers a potato and me▓at stew from his student-farmer days in I▓nner Mongolia. He says the best meat▓ is donkey meat, but since my face-to-fac▓e encounter with a long-lashed big-eyed donkey on the road to Hohhot,

I have▓ insisted on using beef. It is a hearty stew, very basic, but just the thing for cool ni▓ghts and a hungry family. The wonder of this dish is that the potatoes absorb the sweetness of the meat like sponges. And that is another reason why the potato is such a

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useful vegetable - it complements and enhances. Contrary to belief, the potato itself is not fattening. It is a complex carbo▓hydr

ate and it also has its own store of trace minerals a▓nd vitamins. It is only when it is

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